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    The A.W. Chesterton Company manufactures comprehensive lines of packing, polymeric seals, gaskets, coatings, lubricants, and mechanical seals designed to maximize performance and lower costs. We work closely with our valve manufacturers, repair shops and plants to provide solutions that help them increase reliability, efficiency, and compliance. Our vision is to be recognized by our customer as the best partner in providing customized solutions, expert support, and high performance products.

    Chesterton provides Global Solutions with Local Service

    Chesterton’s service is delivered by a worldwide network of global manufacturing facilities, service centers and sales offices that provide local inventory and technical support

    The latest technology & innovation

    Chesterton’s innovative products and services are driven by our strong focus on research and development to create value for our customers. Our staff of scientists and engineers works with our customers in bringing innovation to their business. Our latest Low E valve packing is the 1724 LowE designed for the chemical process industries to meet EPA consent decrees requirements.

    Our award winning 1622 packing sets are being accepted by refiners and petrochemical plants as the best single spool solution to meet their low emission requirements. With an ultra-low emissions performance on API 622 testing of <12PPM, we are poised to offer you a solution for low emissions valve performance and superior performance for API 624 valve leakage performance requirements. As a flexible single spool solution, 1622 is a superior product for valve manufacturers, repair shops and installers.

    Chesterton’s solutions for steam valves are being used in the most critical applications all over the world. The fossil power industry is selecting our style 1601 as their standard packing due to its long-term sealing performance.

    The nuclear industry looks to Chesterton for innovation in valve sealing. Chesterton standardized the industry on its engineered sets using both live-loading and 5 ring sealing approach to give plants outage to-outage reliability. Let us work with you on difficult to seal applications, such as borated water services.

    Our control valve solutions are being installed on new and repaired valves all over the world. Combining low friction with high sealability is a difficult task and Chesterton’s 5800T, 5800 and 1724E is proving itself.

    Industries We Serve:


    By Product Line – Chesterton is a leading global manufacturer of industrial products encompassing:

    Mechanical Packing and Gaskets for reliable service for sealing rotating, reciprocating and stationary equipment.

    Polymer Seals – a broad range of industrial standard and custom seals for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Rotating Equipment.

    ARC Composite Coatings – a comprehensive line of coatings for Metal and Concrete surface Erosion/Corrosion control and Flooring Systems.

    Industrial Lubricants / MRO Chemicals –  a broad range of Cleaners, Lubricants, Metal Working Fluids and Maintenance Specialty products.

    Mechanical Seals –  a comprehensive line of seals that are seen as the industry standard for sealing pumps, mixers, reactors, dryers and other rotating equipment.

    By Industry – Chesterton products are used in virtually every industry around the globe. From chemical processing to wastewater treatment, from food and beverage to nuclear power, Chesterton is recognized as the proven provider of quality products and solutions for industrial needs.

    All Products – Select from a comprehensive list of Chesterton products; Mechanical Seals, Packing, Polymer Seals, Technical Products, and ARC Composite Coatings

    New Products Chesterton recognizes that innovation drives industry and progress. Our products take full advantage of the latest technology ranging from materials selection to engineering and manufacturing principals.

    Custom Products – Our dedicated staff combines technical expertise with state-of-the-art technology and materials to provide industry leading custom products to meet your unique application needs.

    OEM Products – Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can benefit from Chesterton’s wide range of products providing increased reliability and reductions in the overall life cycle cost of equipment.

    Product Selectors – If you know your application needs, but are not sure which of our many products to use, access our product selector to find the solution that meets your demands.


    Technical Support – Chesterton, in partnership with our distributors, provides world class technical support. Our factory trained local specialists and technicians work closely with customers to select the best products and services to meet the challenges faced by industry.

    Engineered Mechanical Seals – Our engineered mechanical seal solutions allow plants to run more reliably and efficiently on critical applications in many industries. Let us show you how we can tailor unique sealing solutions to your needs.

    OEM Solutions – Chesterton has a dedicated OEM team to provide technical sales and support of original equipment manufacturers around the world. Our highly experienced regional manager’s work directly with the manufacturers to provide unique, value added solutions, ranging from the most demanding and complex, to the most basic and common.

    Service & Repair – Chesterton service and repair centers are strategically located in major industrial centers and ports worldwide. With over 1200 factory trained local specialists and technicians, Chesterton delivers exceptional service and solutions to meet your needs.

    Plant Productivity Programs – Beginning with a site survey, our dedicated Contract Support Services Group identifies and documents baseline performance and cost data. Ongoing performance objectives are established, tracked, and documented.

    Ask an Expert – Ask an expert provides a direct link to someone who can answer technical questions pertaining to the application and installation of Chesterton products.

    SpeedSeal® – Chesterton has increased service worldwide with the SpeedSeal® Program. These fully integrated service centers bring same day service of polymer seals to customers worldwide.

    Global Learning Services – Chesterton Global Training is dedicated to professional education to meet the ever-changing needs and educational demands of industry.

    Chesterton 1622 Award Winning Packing

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