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    TST Engineered Coatings designs and develops coating solutions to enhance the efficiency of our customers components. Our materials engineers work closely with our customers technical staff to understand the exact desired surface properties for specific components, and the details of the environment the component operates in. TST’s extensive engineering resources along with it’s many years of coating development knowledge, combine to provide component specific surface solutions. Coatings are designed from a wide variety of materials and can be deposited on diverse substrates to greatly improve wear and/or corrosion resistance, electrical insulation or conductivity or many other explicit properties.

    After a successful surface solution has been developed for a component TST will automate the coating technology. The automation will be designed to assure the coating process is highly repeatable. It is also designed to maximize the efficiency of the process and minimize the coating’s cost. The automated coating process is then typically run in TST’s facilities. In some cases, the technology can be transferred to our customers facilities with TST providing the customer ongoing support.

    With many coated components our customers are interested in minimizing procurement logistics. TST offers tier one services to supply not only a coating solution, but a complete coated component. Services such as heat treating, machining, grinding, painting and others can be provided in servicing our customer needs.



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