Five PPE elastomer materials pass TOTAL General Specification

Five PPE elastomer materials pass TOTAL General Specification

PPE Elastomers

High Performance Valve Seals approved by TOTAL General Specification to ensure safe and reliable operations in the oil and gas industry

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance molded elastomer seals, today announces that its EnDura® A90H and Perlast® G92E elastomers are the latest materials to pass approval to meet a major industry specification, TOTAL GS PVV 142.

These two elastomer materials join PPE’s EnDura® Z95X, EnDura® V91J, and EnDura® V91K, which have all been previously approved to the TOTAL standard. By meeting this specification, PPE now offers a full range of TOTAL approved sealing materials that includes FKM, FEPM, FFKM and HNBR. With a selection of materials to choose from, engineers can meet their application requirements ensuring safe and reliable operation. These additional approvals signify PPE’s commitment to providing innovative sealing solutions that meet stringent industry regulations within the oil and gas industry.

There are many challenges encountered in the oil and gas sector, especially in a market environment where low crude prices are challenging equipment manufacturers to innovate.  This highlights the importance of using high performance materials that can cope with extreme working environments where equipment reliability is increasingly important to reduce operating costs

Steve Jagels, PPE’s Oil and Gas Global Market Manager, said: ”EnDura® A90H and Perlast® G92E have been designed and developed to overcome the problems commonly associated with oil and gas operations. The industry requires equipment manufacturers to build high performance products that can deliver reliability in extreme applications over prolonged periods of time. By having these additional materials tested to TOTAL General Specification we have showcased our commitment to developing innovative products of the highest quality, providing customers with complete confidence and product assurance out in the field.”

Known to be one of the most aggressive test regimes for rapid gas decompression (RGD), the TOTAL General Specification represents performances levels beyond common RGD rated materials. RGD is a vital material property for seals used in valves, surface and subsea oilfield equipment. It is a failure mechanism of elastomer seals and O-rings that is caused by a rapid reduction in pressure of a gaseous media.  Gas that has permeated into the elastomer seal expands when the pressure is released, causing fissuring and seal failure. All five of the PPE materials that have passed this approval provide a broad temperature capability and superior chemical resistance.

While EnDura® A90H and Perlast® G92E are now included on the TOTAL General Specification, there are a number of international standards for testing elastomer materials in RGD conditions. These high performance elastomers have further showcased their capability by passing the NORSOK M710 annex B standard.

Both materials, EnDura® A90H and Perlast® G92E, have advanced capabilities to withstand high temperatures and high pressure environments, making them the optimum solution for engineers to overcome numerous challenges. As part of IDEX Sealing Solutions, PPE is fully engaged within the valve market as a member of both the VMA and BVAA, and their full suite of proven materials demonstrate its commitment to providing superior sealing solutions in the oil and gas industry.

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