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Midland Offers Valve Remanufacturing & Repair


Midland Manufacturing, the global leader in railroad tank car safety valves and equipment, and a division of OPW, will now offer repair services of railcar valves in addition to its Valve Remanufacturing & Repair Program. Standard repair services of general and pressure railcar valves will consist of testing, cleaning, collecting of data, replacing soft goods (i.e., gaskets), assembling and final testing.

“Midland continues to add to its products and services offering with its valve repair service,” said Steve Herbst, product manager for pressure car products and remanufacturing services for Midland. “Midland is the leading manufacturer of the industry’s widest range of pressure and general purpose railcar valves. As such, we have the unique ability to provide cost effective repair and remanufacturing services when you need it!”

Most brands of valves can be repaired by Midland and should be considered a safe and cost-effective solution when comparing to completely overhauling or replacing railcar valves. Prior to augmenting its remanufacturing program, customers only had the option of completely overhauling pressure car and general-purpose car valves. Midland customers now have more choices while meeting increasing government regulations.

The remanufacturing of valves will continue to be a focus of Midland’s operations as repair services are not always sufficient to restore Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. Midland’s remanufacturing facilities in Chicago, IL, and Houston, TX, will still serve as remanufacturing centers and will now also handle repair work.

For more information on Midland’s Remanufacturing Program, please call (847) 677-0333 or visit www.midlandmfg.com/remanufacturing.



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