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ARC Efficiency & Protective Coatings, a Business Segment of A.W. Chesterton Company Introduces T7 AR

A.W. Chesterton T7 AR

A.W. Chesterton T7 ARThe A.W. Chesterton T7 AR is a high performance abrasion resistant coating for metallic surfaces, that resists wet and dry thermal cycling from 135°C (275°F) to 2°C (35°F), pH ranges from .1-12.5, and sliding abrasion wear normally associated with ore refining and processing. This Coating is a trowel applied, novolac vinyl ester based resin which is then reinforced with a specially treated, graded blend of high purity alumina ceramic beads, flakes, and powders. Applied at a nominal thickness of 3-4 mm (120-160 mils,) the T7 AR yields a SAR number of <2800 per ASTM G75 and has tested positively under NACE TM 0174 with exposures to a wide ranges of chemicals including 54% phosphoric acid, 50% sodium hydroxide, glacial acetic acid, and nitric acid at temperatures ranging up to 85°C (185°F). T7AR is designed to be applied as a monolithic liner able to replace conventional rubber linings and ceramic tile commonly used in aggressive chemical slurry applications at elevated temperatures.


For more information contact Chesterton’s ARC EPC business segment:
Application Engineering Department: +1 978-469-6436 arc-epc@chesterton.com Customer Service: +1 844-469-6888 arc&lube.cst@chesterton.com or visit us at www.arc-epc.com.


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