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1975 Called and They Want Their Valve Back


Valve selection is too often based on operating conditions that no longer exist. The operating conditions of pressure, temperature, process volume and energy costs are drastically different than they were only 30 years ago. Maintenance staff are fewer, piping systems are operating under higher pressures and temperatures, and the push to produce more revenue from fewer resources is greater than ever before.

No engineer, plant owner or maintenance manager would ever specify a 1975 Torino as a new company vehicle, but they will cheerfully order a valve designed in 1975. Maybe the 1975 valve is perfectly adequate for the operating conditions, but there’s a very good chance technology has improved and a new design will be lighter, easier to automate and offers greater service life. Using a design from 1975 may still be a viable solution, but it begs the question – have there been any improvements in valve technology that could provide better service life or greater operational efficiency?

Read this article from CGIS which identifies some common misconceptions regarding industrial valves and the big gap between the perceived value of valves as compared to the actual cost of ownership.


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