Dynamic Duo: Shaping Careers in the Valve Industry

Dynamic Duo: Shaping Careers in the Valve Industry

photo of Charli and Ian

In case you missed it, Ian Baynes and I will be presenting on two topics the day before the Valve World Americas Expo and Conference that we are very passionate about… Career Development and Social Media. These passions transcend industry but we will be focused on the Valve Industry as everyone is already in town with a mindset of learning and networking with the Valves Community…  So, it is a perfect time to add a couple hours to focus on developing personal skills to improve your Career! 

Ian and I have worked together for the last 4 years on several projects with many different companies.  We first met at the Fluid Sealing Association’s meeting.  He was a potential client and a Global Marketing Manager. Even though, I owned my own digital media company at the time, I knew I had much to learn from him! We became peers as we served as Chairs of the Marketing Committee together and worked hand-in-hand to improve the vision and marketing of the association. Mostly recently, we worked together in developing a strategic plan for Empowering Brands and strengthening our relationships within the Valve Industry.

This unique pairing has given us insight into each other’s strengthens and weaknesses that ultimately makes us stronger professionals.

When we look back, we see how our relationship has allowed for personal development. Ian helped me focus on my career and I taught him everything I knew about being social 😀 All kidding aside, I did teach him the importance of using social media for business and how researching, listening, and engaging with people online can build strong relationships. Having said that, he lived it!  He had to develop the plan for his company to include social media into his very corporate marketing processes. This is easier said than done. Because we both went through the transition from traditional media to new media together, we make a great team! We have experienced the frustrations and rewards of the work, and we are excited to share the knowledge we have captured from the journey to help jump start or improve yours.

So let me tell you a secret about Ian, he is a process guy.  He hides this very well with his friendly, encouraging, and outspoken nature, so you may walk right past that fact. The process side of his work allows him to build plans… marketing, product, strategic, and yes Career Plans.  He has a proven process and he can show a person on how to define their strengths and then help them make a plan to use those strengths to build their career.  Knowingly or Unknowingly at the time,  this is what he did for me… starting with my first presentation on social media to a “global” audience. I am excited about working with him to help the Valve Industry understand what steps they can take to build a successful and rewarding career… You are in the driver seat and he can show you just how to kick it into overdrive… So I do hope you will sign up for his course… it might just change your life!

So if you need more help with Social Media or Career Development, Houston is the place for you this June!  Hope to see you in the audience and at the expo!