East Bay’s Solution for Water Pressure Regulation and Surge Protection

East Bay’s Solution for Water Pressure Regulation and Surge Protection

East Bay Mud Regulates Water Pressure and Solves Surge Issues

East Bay Municipal Utility District (MUD), near San Francisco, had long faced water pressure issues throughout its water system. And despite attempts to resolve the situation, the district continued to struggle with various problems including lack of surge protection during hydrant flushing and the inability to reduce pressure in distribution piping.

“We had problems regulating pressure, and we had valves that wouldn’t close when they were supposed to; so that caused a lot of problems,” explained Ron Lauw, former Mechanical Supervisor for East Bay MUD.

Kari Oksanen, Vice President of Technology and Applications at Singer Valve, visited the East Bay MUD office and found the team struggling to design a new valve with standard components that met their specific requirements. After learning about the district’s valve challenges, Singer Valve jumped in to design a valve specifically tailored to the district’s needs. “We left it up to them to decide which valve—theirs or ours—worked better for that application,” said Oksanen.

A standard pressure-reducing valve was adapted to include an integrated back-up system with a second diaphragm and a secondary pilot system that did not require electricity. Several months later, Singer returned with a prototype of the first-ever PR-SM valve. The 4-inch valve was installed and delivered excellent results.

With the use of PR-SM valves, East Bay MUD’s primary control system is always supported by a secondary system that kicks in to control downstream pressure, but at a slightly higher pressure. “The valve is now East Bay’s standard pressure reducing valve, and we ensured that they could retrofit existing Singer valves in their systems with the PR-SM valve,” states Oksanen.

The district’s water system has also seen the following benefits:

• 100% surge protection
• Safe, continuous delivery when failure is not an option
• Reduced emergency repairs and costs
• Scheduled maintenance repairs
• Minimized risk of malfunction and damages

Did You Know…
Singer’s PR-SM valve maintains constant downstream pressure, regardless of fluctuations in upstream flow or pressure. If the main diaphragm or primary pilot fails, the back-up system takes over. Learn more at www.singervalve.com.


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