These Masterminds are Planning 3 Courses You Won’t Want to Miss!

These Masterminds are Planning 3 Courses You Won’t Want to Miss!

Andre Davanzo and Charli K. Matthews are planning special training sessions for the upcoming Valve World Americas Expo & Conference in Houston, Texas, in June 2017

As all of you know I take my tagline, Connect, Inform, Educate very seriously – so much so that it really does form the foundation of what we do every single day at Empowering Brands. So when I was asked by Andre Davanzo at KCI publications to create and run a number of training courses on June 19th, just before the Valve World America 2017 main event,  I was like – SIGN ME UP!!

What made it even better was that Andre asked me to create courses that I felt would make a difference, provide a unique educational experience, and help bring attendees together over different but still connected topics – OK so now I was really excited!

If you’ve been following some of our more recent content posts, you will have seen a number of articles from Ian Baynes relating to the issues we are seeing with our Aging Workforce and how to best stop the loss of critical institutionalized knowledge through mentoring and Training for a Purpose. So the first topic for Valve world was easy to identify – How to Plan and Manage Your Own Career. What’s better than to provide a course for industry folks of all levels on how to build and manage their own career development plans and then use networking, mentoring, and focused training to achieve their goals? This hits all of my focus areas, which I love, and what a great way for me to help than give people the tools they need to build a great career in the industry we love. Ian and I will co-present the course so I can guarantee its going to be fun as well as informative.

The next course topic should be of no surprise to those of you that know me – Creating a Social Media Program for a B2B Company. This is still a relatively scary topic for most of us, so having the opportunity to get in front of an audience to share my insight and to pass along some simple tools and tips was an opportunity I was not going to miss! We are creating a 4-part course that starts with the “what” and ends with the “how” to give participants the basics for kicking off both their personal and business social media activity – yes, that’s right, I said ‘personal’, because I’m going to encourage you to engage as well! How else will you find out that it’s not just about Facebook and LinkedIn or just how much fun Twitter can be!

valve world america 2016
Training session at Valve World America 2016

And finally my favorite – sorry for all the valve people out there, but the 3rd course is Pump Basics and falls in line with the support for Pump Summit Americas that debuted last year and will return in 2018. Our Industry Pro, Robert Perez, will be lead on this course and I am excited to hear he has joined the Steering Committee for PSAM as well!  I’m guessing you’re wondering why we run a course on pumps at an event focused on Valves…well, apart from the fact that I LOVE PUMPS, a large portion of the attendees have an interest in learning more about pumps – especially as they are at the heart of the pumping system and work alongside valves. Also, we felt it tied nicely in with the Career Development course and complimented the other stationary equipment focused trainings that will be held during the event

So there you have it, How to Plan and Manage Your Own Career, Creating a social media program, and Pump Basics – 3 topics near and dear to my heart and ones that embody the focus and principles of Empowering Brands – Connect, Inform, and Educate. I’m so excited to be running these courses, and of course I expect all of you to immediately enroll – I’ll be watching!!



How to Plan & Manage Your Career

Creating a Social Media Plan for a B2B Company

See y’all in Houston June 19th!

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