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FSA Webinar: Energy Efficiency of Compression Packings in Pump Applications

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DATE: January 26, 2017


COST: $50

It has been said, in rotating equipment circles, that the friction from compression packing on a pump shaft consumes more power than mechanical seals. It has even been stated that using pump packing is like driving around with the emergency brake on to reinforce this perception. The Fluid Sealing Association has been working with the European Sealing Association to study sealing devices power consumption and has data that shows that this perception is erroneous.

The Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) is a manufacturer-based organization whose charter is to educate the industry on sealing devices including their impact on the overall cost of ownership of pumps. The FSA is proud to offer a one and a half hour webinar on “Energy Efficiency of Compression Packings in Pump Applications”. Some of the topics to be covered:

• Development of a joint ESA/FSA test procedure for pump packings
• Concerns about measurement of frictional power losses
• Commissioning dedicated test equipment
• Results of friction testing
• Comparison with mechanical seals
• Rethinking theoretical results and a new model

The Speakers

Henri Azibert, Technical Director, Fluid Sealing Association
Ron Frisard, Vice Chair of Gasket Division, Fluid Sealing Association

The webinar takes place live January 26th, 2017, at 2:00 EST. The cost of this interactive webinar is $50.00. If you cannot make the live version, we will have a recorded version on the FSA website to view on demand.



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