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Good Jobs Green Jobs session: “Fighting Oil Spills in the Sky: The U.S. Industry Fixing Methane Leaks”

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FSA’s Chris Swonger will join industry leaders and labor and environmental experts to give an overview of the methane mitigation sector—an emerging U.S. industry focused on reducing emissions of methane from the oil and gas sector. Proven, cost-effective solutions already exist to minimize methane emissions—many of them made by American companies. A greater industry focus on curbing methane emissions will boost this U.S. manufacturing sector and drive the creation of good-paying manufacturing and construction jobs. 

This discussion will also offer attendees an overview of the methane problem and how the U.S. methane mitigation industry works to combat it, as well as how doing so provides economic benefits to the communities they work in.


Allison Lami, CEO, Rebellion Photonics

Brad Markell, Executive Director, AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council

Chris Swonger, SVP of Government Relations, John Crane

Sean Wright, Senior Analyst, Environmental Defense Fund


Monday, April 13   ·   2:00PM – 3:15PMWashington, DC – Washington Hilton Hotel


EDF’s report on the methane mitigation sector: http://edf.org/methanejobs



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