Outlook for Municipal Water Segment

Outlook for Municipal Water Segment


The global municipal water industry is being influenced by extreme weather conditions due to climate change, which is creating a burden on the network and treatment infrastructure. This trend calls for pressure management, water reuse, and new treatment methods. On the other hand, urbanization and population growth are contributing greatly toward water scarcity, which widens the infrastructure gap. Other pressing concerns that most developed countries are currently facing include aging infrastructure and poor accountability; these two factors are acting as precursors to non-revenue water (NRW). NRW rates affect the pricing of water (if not controlled by subsidies) and restrain the utility revenue.

With time, new contaminants in water and wastewater are increasing, resulting in the need for new treatment technologies and specialty chemicals. Disposal of sludge, recovery of energy and nutrients, and reuse of materials are needed for sustainability and implementation of a circular economy. However, with limited capital, growing demand and the need for efficient management of utility services, smart water solutions and a customer-centric approach will need to be adopted to bring about a change in the way water is managed.

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