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Need a Pressure Seal Quickly During Outage Season?

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Over the past three years, EGC has delivered thousands of pressure seals – over 6,000 to be exact. From the East Coast to the West Coast, North to South, and even Canada and Puerto Rico, we come through when time matters most – namely during Outage Season.

At EGC, we know how critical it is to successfully complete plant maintenance outages, and get the plant back online according to schedule. From combined cycle, fossil fuel, or nuclear power generation, to petro chemical and refinery, valves throughout the US and North America currently operate with EGC graphite pressure seals. With our work in refineries, we keep our customers on the go. In our power generation plants, we help keep the lights on. Just look at the map to see where we have provided solutions to over 140 unique facilities.

Our proprietary manufacturing process allows us to produce many VSG designs in less than 48 hours standard lead time. But when your seal is required even more quickly, we offer an expedited FastTrac™ door to door service as soon as same day.

Throughout our years of experience supplying custom graphite die formed rings, packing sets and pressure seals, we know the world is not perfect, especially when it comes to valves that have already been in service. The very valves found during Outage Season.

How many times have you opened a valve during an outage, only to find galled metal seals, steam cuts and out of round valve bodies and bonnets? To replace the pressure seal with a new metal seal, valve bodies often need to be machined, welded and resurfaced to provide a suitable sealing surface. This is not only time consuming, but very costly. The more time off line, the more money lost at the plant.

However, with graphite, many of those requirements disappear. Due to its ability to conform to out of round conditions, and fill steam cuts, graphite eliminates the need for expensive and time consuming added maintenance operations. And just as important, the next time the valve needs to be serviced, the graphite pressure seal is easily removed, and replaced with a new one, resulting in a shorter time out of service.

Download this Data Sheet to ensure proper fit & function of your Pressure Seal.

Join the hundreds of customers that have already reaped the benefits of switching to VSG graphite pressure seals. Be the next one to let EGC help put YOU “on the map.” Visit www.egcgraphite.com or www.outageseason.com to learn more!

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