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Precision Polymer Engineering – Success in Sealing 40 years of manufacturing Excellence

Precision Polymer Engineering

Founded in 1975, PPE celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2015; this milestone was acknowledged recently with a family fun day and “birthday” party.  The company was initially started by the founder in a small industrial space and it has grown to a global company of over 300 employees.

In 2010 PPE made the change from private ownership to part of a large multi-billion dollar global organization after its acquisition by IDEX Corporation.   Since then, PPE has been joined by two additional sealing companies, FTL Technology Ltd. and Novotema Spa. to form IDEX Sealing Solutions.

Seals are one of the most vital components within any piece of industrial equipment or system and without then the equipment simply does not work.  Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) is an O-ring and sealing component manufacturer, offering unique elastomer (rubber) formulations with the most appropriate engineering design, which ensures that critical equipment life is extended.

In the early years, PPE molded seals from commodity elastomer materials which were relatively low-tech by today’s standards. Over the years, customers demanded seal capable of operating in more complex and extreme conditions, so PPE became a niche manufacturer focused in advanced materials for the most difficult sealing applications.

Today PPE offers more than 200 formulations of elastomer materials that are used worldwide in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Global Manufacturing

PPE started out based in Blackburn England – in a small run down building the size of a domestic garage.  The business operated two small compression molding presses, but when orders came in for larger components, a hole was made in the roof to crane larger presses into the facility.  In 1982 PPE made its first move to a larger building. Continued growth requires several subsequent moves until its present location where the first specially designed factory was constructed in 2003.

Due to rapid growth and a lack of space, further expansion in 2009 doubled the space in the Blackburn UK facility. In November 2014, PPE opened a new 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Brenham, Texas.  This second manufacturing facility is strategically located near Houston, Texas, the hub of the global oil and gas industry and many of PPEs customers.

PPE’s customers include original equipment manufacturers and end users that require seals for critical applications.  Often this equipment and applications have high costs or serious consequences associated with seal failure.  Examples of equipment sealed by PPE include critical valves, pumps, compressors, oil tools, subsea oil production equipment.


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