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Pressure Reducing Valves Ease Pipe Bursts, Minimize Leaks and Water Loss Caused by Aging Infrastructure

pressure reducing valves reduce pipe breakage, leaks, and water loss caused by aging infrastructure

Malang City’s aging infrastructure causes daily pipe bursts, leaks, and insufficient water supply. 

Malang City, Indonesia, supplies water to 70% of the city’s population. Approximately 30% of the supply is gravity fed directly from springs and 70% is pumped to eight storage reservoirs. The city has continually struggled with lack of water supply and low reservoir levels due to leakage and pipe bursts that deprived nearly 30% of the population of water supply from normal distribution mains.

With daily pipe bursts and dropping reservoirs, Teguh Cahyono, the Director of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) for the city, knew something needed to change. He brought in a team of experts to create a water loss management plan.

The overall consensus was to develop numerous control zones or DMA’s with a single source of water comprising a meter and a pilot-operated control valve at the source of the DMA. Pressure can only be managed once the flow is measured as there is a direct correlation to pressure and leakage.

Though the water-loss management team developed a solution, securing funding from the city’s water directors and other authorities was a challenge. In an effort to demonstrate that the ROI would be there, the team installed three test DMAs and PRVs near a problematic reservoir. The pipe bursts stopped, leakage was greatly reduced and reservoir levels were maintained. The city’s directors were convinced by the value of the test installations and funding was approved.

DMA construction began with the installation of 42 Singer Valve S106-2PR-BT units. To manage pressure at different times (day and night), two pressure reducing pilots were added to the main diaphragm operated control valves.

In addition to the first installations, larger valves were required for larger main DMA areas. These valves feature single rolling diaphragms (SRD) rather than flat diaphragms, which often have seat chatter with fluctuating flow. Moreover, the SRD provides smooth, steady and precise pressure control from maximum to virtually zero flow without the need for low-flow bypass valves.

I can sleep well at night knowing that the vast majority of [residents] now have reliable water.” ~TEGUH CAHYONO, DIRECTOR OF NON-REVENUE WATERPrior to the installation of the first 42 valves, the city had an average of one pipe burst per day. This solution has reduced that to one pipe burst per month, which has led to significant cost savings. But more importantly, fewer pipe bursts means the city’s water supply is more sufficient for residents. The entire valve system also makes use of the geographic information system technology and allows for real-time monitoring of pressure and leakage (i.e., faster repairs). With a total of 138 Singer Valve PRVs, water loss is reduced by 75%, pipe breakage by 300% and power consumption by 33%. Additionally, the city is now able to expand reliable water access to new communities.

Whether your water system is challenged with pressure and level control issues, noncompliance with safety standards, pipe bursts or lack of surge protection, Singer Valve has a cutting-edge solution to fit your needs. Check out our complete product guide or contact a Singer representative to discuss your water system challenges.

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