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    Air Release Valves for the Wastewater Industry

    air release valves for wastewater industry by val-matic

    Air Release Valves, sometimes referred to as “small orifice valves,” are often fitted at the highest point on a pipeline to continually release unwanted air during system operation to protect against unwanted surges and maintain system efficiency. Exhausting and admitting air keeps the system from restricted flow, which reduces pumping costs and reduces the potential for destructive surges and water hammer that can collapse a pipeline.

    Val-Matic’s full line of Wastewater Air Valves perform two important functions in a piping system: they maintain system design efficiency and provide system protection.

    Val-Matic’s Wastewater Air Valves have unconditionally guaranteed 316 stainless steel floats and internal trim, fusion-bonded epoxy coating to minimize the buildup of sewage, and a non-clog design with a 2” clean out connection to facilitate the passage of solids for reduced maintenance.

    For more information on Val-Matic’s Wastewater Air Valve please visit www.valmatic.com.