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    Hammer union seals are used in the connections between flexible hoses or pipes used in the oil drilling industry. The seal provides a critical fluid tight connection within the union hardware.

    Hammer unions consist of a thread end, a nut end, and a hammer nut that when tightened seal the Precision Polymer Engineering Hammer Union Seal 1assembly with the assistance of an elastomeric seal. The seal is lipped to prevent it from falling out when inverted.

    PPE manufactures hammer union seals in a wide range of materials and sizes ranging from 1” to 12” with the option to incorporate features for specific applications i.e. anti-extrusion rings for high pressure.

    High modulus elastomers are used to provide exceptional robustness and resist extrusion in high pressures. Additionally specialty elastomer compounds may be specified to resist rapid gas decompression (tested to NORSOK, NACE, TOTAL and ISO 23936-2 standards).

    Key Attributes

    • Available in a wide range of materials from PPE’s EnDura® and Perlast® oil and gas elastomer grades
    • Rapid gas decompression (RGD) resistant materials available and anti-extrusion rings for high pressure applications
    • Broad chemical resistance including sour gas
    • Color-coded variations available for easy material identification
    • Range of sizes available from 1” to 12” diameter
    • Custom designs available to suit specific hardware and application needs
    • High quality manufacturing in the USA and Europe to ISO 9001 and ISO TS 29001 accreditation.                                                                                                                                                                                   Benefits:
    • High quality and traceable manufacturing
    • Improved reliability from optimized design for trouble free connections

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