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    LCP-TP Level Control Panel

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    The LCP-TP Level Controller is a single process level controller designed to complement Singer Valve’s Single Solenoid Operated/Override Control Valves and 4-20mA level sensor or High/Low Level Switches. This combination package is ideal for filling any kind of tank that requires filling to a level setpoint, drawing down the tank level to a secondary setpoint and activating the fill cycle again to ensure tank turnover.

    The LCP-TP offers quick and easy configuration, which allows the Controller to read and compare the level 4 to 20 mA signal to the desired setpoint. The LCP-TP then opens or closes the Singer Valve control valve to achieve the desired level setpoint.

    • Compatibility with remote SCADA Modbus, Hardwired 4 to 20 mA or local set-point adjustment
    • Simplified ON/OFF level controller for 4-20mA sensor or high/low level switch implementation
    • Selectable input controls and output alarms
    • IP 66, 67 NEMA 4X rated panel
    • Black and white interactive button display
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