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    Val-Matic’s Floodsafe® Meets AWWA Standard C514-15

    Val-Matic Flood Safe Cut

    Val-Matic’s FloodSafe® Inflow Preventer meets the new AWWA Standard C514-15 Air Valve and Vent Inflow Preventer Assemblies for Potable Water Distribution System and Storage Facilities. This first edition standard describes 1-in. through 12-in. air valve and vent inflow preventer assemblies designed for use on the outlet of potable water distribution systems air valves furnished in accordance with ANSI/AWWA C512 or storage facility vent pipes. Val-Matic has showcased this product in their video “Making Your System Safe with the Val-Matic FloodSafe®”. For more information regarding the Val-Matic FloodSafe® Product Lines, visit www.valmatic.com or check out Val-Matic’s YouTube page for more videos.