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SimScale – 3D Valve Simulation in Your Browser

Sim Scale Simulation

Many industries, including Chemical, Power, Metalworking, and Oil & Gas have an increased demand for innovative valves that meet their specific requirements. To fulfill this demand and keep up with the current trends while maintaining a competitive advantage, the valve production companies need to substantially lower fabrication costs and the development time.

As innovative products usually require building costly prototypes and testing, the production costs, as well as the time to market, increase significantly. To avoid this, the biggest industry players have been using 3D simulation to speed up their development process by leveraging virtual testing, which until now has been inaccessible to small and medium-sized companies due to high prices and the large upfront investment that come with the software. SimScale is trying to tackle that issue by empowering SMEs to leverage the capabilities of a more cost-efficient 3D simulation platform.

With 40.000+ users in 190 countries, the German company SimScale is offering a powerful 3D simulation solution for any valve producing company that is looking to optimize their valve development process and stay ahead of the competition.

Simulation allows you to virtually test designs – sometimes making a 3 months process possible in 1 day. This can substantially speed up the development process and therefore allow you to handle a larger number of customized orders. Aiming to make it available to everyone and encourage SMEs to benefit from the advantages of 3D simulation, SimScale has created a unique pricing model that allows users to pay only for what they use, avoiding the large up-front investment and the cost of licenses and deployment related to traditional simulation software.

The SimScale platform doesn’t need to be downloaded and works in a browser. Taking into consideration the wide range of valve types available on the market, the solution is optimized to fit all the simulation requirements for valve design, so any company can use it, having also the possibility to perform numerous virtual tests such as pressure drop, flow coefficient, cavitation risk, pressure distribution, temperature, heat flux and many more.

“To use traditional on-premise simulation software packages, companies have to overcome significant hurdles: Simulation is computationally very intensive, such that High Performance Computing (HPC) capacity needs to be purchased, deployed and maintained adding a lot of IT overhead. In addition to this investment into computing capacity, the actual end-user simulation software comes with significant fixed expenses as well, adding up to a large investment into hardware and software for a single seat. Furthermore, traditional simulation tools have been developed to be used by trained simulation specialists having physics, application and tool expertise, creating a know-how barrier for companies that want to start with simulation. These barriers have been a road blocker for many companies to either start with simulation or expand its application for years. This is why SimScale was founded. SimScale has created a completely new way of how engineering simulation can be used – accessible, cost-efficient and easy-to-learn and use. “, said David Heiny, Managing Director at SimScale.

As the SimScale simulation platform is becoming more and more popular among engineers, the company is focusing on making it as easy as possible for the companies that are new to simulation by providing them with trainings, webinars, documentation and other free learning resources. This way, they can learn how to perform simulations in the shortest time possible and make informed design decisions early in the development process.

These are just a few of the free resources available to learn simulation:

Video Trainings for a fast adaptation to the simulation platform.

Valve Online Webinar for SMEs to see how they can optimize their designs with minimum investment.

Project Library with free valve simulation projects that can be imported into the user’s own workspace (the projects cover various types of valves, including butterfly, globe, valve, gate, check, etc.)

Case Study on how to achieve 17% reduction of pressure loss.

In addition, other resources such as documentation, blog articles, trainings and videos can be found on the company’s website.

About SimScale

SimScale GmbH developed a web-based platform that drastically simplifies the access to numerical simulation. The company’s employees and its five founders – mechanical engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians – are driven to create a platform that revolutionizes the way Computer-Aided Engineering is done. SimScale encapsulates a broad range of simulation tools ― including fluid mechanics, structural mechanics and thermodynamics ― in a single user interface which can be tested free of charge on www.simscale.com. Having a 90 days money back guarantee for the Professional and Enterprise accounts, SimScale is encouraging companies to benefit from simulation without the risk that usually comes with it.

Funded by High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), BayernKapital, Earlybird Venture Capital and a business angel consortium, SimScale is bringing simulation to the next level.

More information about SimScale is available at www.simscale.com, as well as on the company’s blog. If you are interested in reading more about the valve industry and the role of simulation in valve design, read our latest article – “7 Trends in valve Design”. You can follow SimScale on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Xing.


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